About Us

We Are Ulster County for Joel Tyner for Congress:
Linda Abbott, Andi Weiss Bartczak, Ariana Basco (New Paltz Village Boardmember), John Chiaradia, Diana Cline, Jeff Cohen (FAIR founder), Erayna Cranston, Kerry Flood Cubas, Sheila Dvorak, Joey Eppard, Alexia Evans, Misha Fredericks, Manna Jo Greene (Rosendale Town Boardmember), Ed and Joanne Haffman, Sue Holland, Joan Horton, Margaret Human, Mike and Mindy Kennedy, Pam Krimsky, Otia Lee, Matt Lessner, Paul McMahon, Julia Nichols, Ted Orr, John Parete, Michele Riddell, Art Richter, Irwin Sperber, Joanne Steele, Dan and Mitzi Terpening, Liana Turner, Barbara Upton, Matt Verrilli, Gloria Waslyn, Jay Wenk (Woodstock Town Boardmember), Karen Whelan, Cameron Williams, Mighty Xee—and YOU!

This list will change as members are added


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