Joel Tyner is the Democratic party candidate for New York’s 19th Congressional District with the proven track record to get the job done.

In his 5 terms as Dutchess County legislator, Joel Tyner has built consensus across party lines to enact meaningful legislation that benefits all the people.

Joel Tyner has been endorsed by filmmaker (and director of Gasland) Josh Fox, folk-music legend and environmentalist Pete Seeger, the Union Vale Democratic Committee, Princeton University Professor Cornel West, Dutchess County Democratic Elections Commissioner Fran Knapp, by Dutchess County MoveOn/RebuildtheDream.com Coordinator Matt Rosenberg, Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin, Woodstock Town Boardmember Jay Wenk, Rosendale Town Boardmember and Clearwater Environmental Coordinator Manna Jo Greene, New Paltz Village Boardmember Ariana Basco, Troy Area Labor Council President Mike Keenan, and many more.

Find out more about Joel Tyner at:

Here are some of Joel’s positions:

Close the Budget Gap—End the Bush tax cuts for millionaires; fully fund schools; eliminate student debt.
Protect Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, schools & nursing homes from cuts

Healthcare for All—Expand Medicare to cover all Americans, saving $400 billion per year.

Protect Women’s Health—Defend reproductive rights and access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Revitalize the Economy—Raise the minimum wage to put more money in the hands of consumers, invest in infrastructure.

Protect the Environment—Criminalize/Statewide ban on Hydrofracking (Fracking); create green jobs with solar, geothermal, energy efficiency, zero waste.

Protect Independent Family Farms—Enforce antitrust laws, break up current corporate agribusiness monopolies.

End Unfair Trade Practices—Reform U.S. Trade Policy to protect workers and bring back jobs.

End Corporate Personhood—Amend the U.S. Constitution to make it clear that Corporations are not People.

Campaign Finance Reform—Fair Elections Now: Enact Clean Money, Clean Elections Legislation.

Financial Reform—Reinstate the Glass-Steagal Act, end Wall Street speculation, break up the “too big to fail” banks.

Reduce Military Spending & Create Security at Home—End the war in Afghanistan, reduce the military budget, invest funds here at home.


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