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Contact Gloria Waslyn at 917.697.6916, Manna Jo Greene at 845.807.1270, Burr Hubbell at 845.750.3203, or Joel Tyner at 845.444.0599 to get involved—host a house party, get a lawn sign, canvass door-to-door, phone bank, write letters to editors, do data entry—we can’t do this without you—the June 26th Democratic primary is just around the corner!

Joel’s other endorsers include Pete Seeger, Cornel West, Josh Fox, Medea Benjamin, Dutchess County Democratic Elections Commissioner Fran Knapp, Troy Area Labor Council President Mike Keenan, PEF/DEC anti-fracking engineer Wayne Bayer, Dutchess County Legislators Jim Doxsey and Steve White, former Dutchess County Legislator Bill McCabe and 260+ others.

Join us—sign on at Petition Online—and pass it along!

Recall—the Dutchess County Democratic Committee just about split almost exactly down the middle at the recent convention vote, and there are many committed Ulster County progressive Democratic activists who have come out of the woodwork over the past month to step forward for this campaign (many of whom Joel has known since the early ’90s; that’s how long he’s been kicking around as a community activist in these parts—along with other progressive Dems from literally all over the newly drawn 19th Congressional District.

Fact: At the end of the recent Ulster County Democratic Convention, Ulster County Dem Chair Frank Cardinale informed everyone that Joel’s primary opponent wouldn’t necessarily be emulating or living up to the progressive ideals of Maurice Hinchey.

Well—that’s fine with Joel—because that’s why Joel is running for Congress—to preserve Maurice’s winning, populist, progressive legacy that has inspired so many of us for decades.

Maurice is living proof that a populist progressive with grass-roots appeal can win elections repeatedly here in the Hudson Valley/Catskills area to the state legislature and then Congress.

This is the same thing Joel has proven in Dutchess County over the last decade—winning five elections in a row to the Dutchess County Legislature to represent Rhinebeck and Clinton—even though both of those communities have long had GOP town supervisors.

Recall the recent April 3rd Poughkeepsie Journal: primary a toss-up; Hinchey not ready to endorse Schreibman: “Hinchey is not taking sides in the Hudson Valley Democratic primary battle between attorney Julian Schreibman of Ulster County and Dutchess County Legislator Joel Tyner…’ ‘Whoever the (eventual) candidate is, I intend to help them,’ Hinchey said.”

Joel’s connection to Maurice is deep and strong; Joel first met Maurice in 1994 at his Washington, D.C. offices lobbying for universal healthcare (single-payer: Medicare for all) with the late great Paul Miller, Connie Holland, and Max Finestone; kudos to Art Richter (and his VT daughter Deb!) for pickin’ up the torch here locally; Joel has been there alongside Maurice in the trenches fighting for single-payer for decades.
(Even the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation has long made it clear it strongly supports single-payer.)

Unlike The Anointed One, Joel has long made it 100% clear that he agrees with Maurice Hinchey on these six issues—that we should save $400 billion a year by expanding Medicare to cover everyone, that we should bring back FDR’s Glass-Steagall Act to break up the big banks, that our Constitution should be amended to make it clear corporations aren’t people (re: Citizens United/SuperPACs), that NAFTA, CAFTA, and free trade agreements with Korea, Colombia, and Panama should never have been passed, that the Fair Elections Now Act should be passed to make a real federal version of Clean Money Clean Elections campaign reform, and End Excessive Oil Speculation Now should be passed.

But it’s not just those six issues—if you’re just as upset as Joel is that it’s not just Republicans in Washington—but also too many Democrats—who don’t seem to be really speaking up against the rush to war with Iran… aren’t speaking up to criminalize fracking… aren’t speaking up against Wall Street (to break up big banks, tax Wall Street speculation, and truly investigate those behind the destruction of our economy), aren’t speaking up against indefinite detention… aren’t speaking up against bipartisan attack on Medicare/Medicaid, aren’t speaking up for a truly sizable public works/infrastructure/jobs program, aren’t speaking up for Medicare for all, aren’t speaking up to amend our Constitution to make it clear corporations aren’t people, aren’t speaking up Fair Elections Now legislation (federal version of Clean Money Clean Elections campaign finance reform), aren’t speaking up for fair trade (to get us out of job-killing NAFTA/GATT/WTO), aren’t speaking up for our troops to come home NOW from Afghanistan, aren’t speaking out against the tar sands pipeline, aren’t speaking up for our Constitutional freedoms—and aren’t speaking up for Bradley Manning—and aren’t speaking up for voting integrity to reject computerized voting machines…

If you’re just as upset as we are re too much bipartisan sell-out on all those—help us, folks!

Don’t forget—say it with some authority—WE ARE THE REAL MAJORITY!
it’s true; see below

[what happens when too many in power in both parties ignore facts/polls below?… disillusionment!]

Fact: “86% of Americans say Wall Street and its lobbyists have too much influence in Washington in a January poll by Time magazine, and 77% of Americans say too much power is concentrated in the hands of a few rich people and large corporations in a January poll by the Pew Research Center.
from Corporate Rule Is Not Inevitable by Sarah van Gelder (Jan. 20th)

Fact: 81% of Americans support taxing millionaires/billionaires more to solve federal budget woes.

Fact: 80% of Americans oppose Citizens United Supreme Court decision; corporations aren’t people.
Link 1
Link 2

Fact: 78% of Americans support protecting Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid from any cuts.

Fact: 59% of Americans support expanding Medicare to cover us all—to save $400 billion a year; in fact, “Americans prefer a single-payer system of health care two-to-one over a privatized system; single-payer is a model in which health care delivery would remain largely private, but would be paid for by a single federal health insurance fund (much like Medicare provides for seniors and comparable to Canada’s current system)”
[from Ralph Nader’s new book—Getting Steamed to Overcome Corporatism]
Link 2
Link 3

Fact: 67% of Americans support $10/hour minimum wage to put money in pockets of working class.

Fact: 53% of Americans support full federal funding for Planned Parenthood & reproductive justice.

Fact: More New Yorkers support protecting drinking water with a statewide ban on fracking than not.

Fact: 54% of Americans support full funding for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency—not cuts.

Fact: 79% of New Yorkers support Clean Money Clean Elections—real campaign finance reform.

Fact: 59% of Americans support our troops coming home from Afghanistan/Iraq NOW without delay.


One comment on “In-depth

  1. Walter says:

    I can’t believe Schreibman’s comment on Charock’s radio interview where he said regarding fracking and President Obama that “I don’t see a lot of space between his position and mine”. Really? Obama has unfortunately come out in support of fracking, wheras Maurice Hinchey has always been an opponent. Forget Schreibman – I can’t support anybody that doesn’t completely oppose fracking, Go Joel!

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