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What the GOP thinks of the Middle Class

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Twenty reasons to dump Chris Gibson

(He’s Anti-Senior, Anti-Woman, Anti-Worker, Anti-Environment, Anti-Us!)
(and aside from Gibson’s dangerous obsession with building yet ANOTHER nuclear toxic waste site near us:)
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Reason 1: Even the Wall Street Journal reported April 4th last year that the Gibson/Cantor/Boehner “Cut, Cap, and Kill” legislation would “essentially end Medicare” while eliminating 700,000 jobs; meanwhile, Gibson and his staff continue to lie about this to anyone calling his offices—unconscionable.

Reason 2: According to Maplight.org, Gibson also raked in $46,250 in campaign contributions from the insurance industry from July 1, 2009 to June 30th last year—little wonder he voted last year to voucherize Medicare—doubling health care costs for seniors by 2021 according to the Congressional Budget Office. (I, Joel Tyner, the populist, progressive Democratic challenger to Gibson, am taking no insurance industry $; that makes for a strong candidacy!)

Reason 3: Gibson has raked in over $122,000 over the last two years alone from securities and investment firms on Wall Street (little wonder, and according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ OpenSecrets.org database, Gibson last year raked in $10,150 in from Wall Street securities and investment firms, $15,700 from the insurance industry, $22,500 from the military/aerospace industry, and $7000 from electric utilities, besides the $2000 he got from Goldman Sachs in September 2010, $5000 last July from Eric Cantor’s PAC—disgusting (I refuse donations from all these special interests perverting the system).

Reason 4: Gibson’s signing on to Grover Norquist’s “no new tax” pledge means Congressman 1% will continue ignoring an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll last March finding that 81% of Americans support taxing millionaires to solve federal budget problems—not putting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security on chopping block (send me to Washington—I’ll be an even louder voice telling both the GOP and Democrats to save all 3 of these from cuts; see below—new United for a Fair Economy update on this. Recall the infamous Town Hall forum Gibson hosted last August in Millerton—folks were/are upset; I was there.
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Reason 5: Gibson voted last February to eliminate $300 million in Title X Planned Parenthood funding—even though “Title X funding can only be used for family planning services including birth control, life-saving cervical and breast cancer screenings, HIV counseling and testing, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and education. The funding cannot and is not used to provide abortion services. Under the proposal, 48 percent of Planned Parenthood patients nationwide would be cut off from their source of health care for these essential services. Ninety-seven percent of the services provided by Planned Parenthood are preventive, most of which are women’s gynecology services.”

Reason 6: Gibson voted last fall for HR 358—legislation that “would allow a hospital to deny a woman lifesaving emergency abortion care—even if a doctor deems it necessary. It would also take comprehensive health care coverage away from women and create loopholes that states and insurance companies could exploit to undermine the new requirement that insurance companies provide birth control with no co-pays or deductibles.”

Reason 7: Gibson refuses to lift a finger to join the bipartisan effort to save post offices; Treadwell closed.
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Reason 8: Gibson also blithely told everyone at Millerton Town Hall last August that he wasn’t sure if climate change was man made(!); I was in the room, folks.

Reason 9: Gibson voted for the Ryan budget last April 15th against the disAbled—by cutting Medicaid by 35%.

Reason 10: Gibson voted last fall for only $3.65 billion in funding for FEMA for Tropical Storm Irene relief for homeowners, businesses, and our communities—even after the Senate had just approved $6.9 billion for FEMA in a strong bipartisan majority.
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Reason 11: Rep. Chris Gibson voted Dec. 14th for the atrocious indefinite detention NDAA bill, “The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012—(House Vote 932 – H.R.1540: On Agreeing to the Conference Report)”.

Reason 12: Rep. Maurice Hinchey, Rep. Paul Tonko, and 91 other Democratic (and principled) members of the House of Representatives voted on Dec. 14th against the indefinite detention NDAA legislation.

Reason 13: It wasn’t just 93 Democrats in the House who voted against the indefinite detention NDAA bill; the truth is also that literally 43 GOP members of the House of Representatives (but not Chris Gibson) voted Dec. 14th against indefinite detention NDAA legislation—following GOP (not Chris Gibson though):
Republicans Justin Amah (MI-3), Larry Buchshon (IN-8), Michael Burgess (TX-26), Dan Burton (IN-5), John Campbell (CA-48), Jason Chaffetz (VT-3), Mike Coffman (CO-6), Scott DesJarlais (TN-4), Jeffrey Duncan (SC-3), John Duncan, Jr. (TN-2), Jeff Flake (AZ-6), J. Randy Forbes (VA-4), Scott Garrett (NJ-5), Robert Goodlatte (VA-6), Paul Gosar (AZ-1), Trey Gowdy (SC-4), Tom Graves (GA-9), Morgan Griffith (VA-9), Andy Harris (MD-1), Robert Hurt (VA-5), Tim Johnson (IL-15), Walter Jones (NC-3), Paul Labrador (ID-1), Cynthia Lumnis (WY-1), Connie Mack (FL-14), Tom McClintock (CA-4), Mick Mulvaney (SC-5), Mike Pence (IN-6), Bill Posey (FL-15), Reid Ribble (WI-8), Phil Roe (TN-1), Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46), Todd Rokita (IN-4), Ed Royce (CA-40), David Schweikert (AZ-5), Mike Simpson (ID-2), Marlin Stutzman (IN-3), Scott Tipton (CO-3), Tim Walberg (MI-7), Joe Walsh (IL-8), and Rob Woodall (GA-7)!
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Reason 14: Gibson voted last Nov. for REINS—jeopardizing food safety and Dodd-Frank provisions.

Reason 15: Gibson voted last Nov. for the so-called “Balanced Budget Amendment” cuts to Social Security/Medicare.

Reason 16: Gibson refuses to support Obama’s American Jobs Act—and he also refuses to support Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s even better “Emergency Jobs to Restore the American Dream Act”, which would create 2.2 million jobs rebuilding our infrastructure and add hiring in our schools, hospitals, child care centers, parks, police officers, firefighters, weatherization, and recycling—by raising taxes for Americans who earn more than $1 million and $1 billion, by eliminating subsidies for big oil companies, and by closing loopholes for corporations that send American jobs overseas.

Reason 17: Gibson voted last fall to kill more American jobs by extending so-called “free-trade” agreements to Korea, Panama, and Colombia—though we’ve already lost 5 million jobs from NAFTA.

Reason 18: Gibson’s allegiance to Grover Norquist jeopardizes national support for farmland protection.

As Rhinebeck resident and Scenic Hudson Senior Vice President Steve Rosenberg noted recently on WAMC, it’s crucial that even the small amount of federal funding for farmland protection ($100 million) now in the the farm bill about to be re-authorized be maintained—the fact is this becomes more and more impossible with Norquist acolytes like Gibson in office who reject progressive taxation.

Reason 19: Gibson refuses to push for a wide variety of common-sense progressive initiatives that have broad populist support, as evidenced repeatedly by many polls—a statewide ban on fracking (and immediate national moratorium), a liveable minimum wage, Medicare for all, Clean Money Clean Elections campaign finance reform, amending the Constitution to make it clear corporations aren’t people, taxing Wall Street, breaking up the big banks, bringing back the Glass-Steagall Act, ending the speculation driving gas/oil prices up through the roof, bringing our troops home now from Afghanistan, Iraq, and all over the globe to save $125 billion a year for taxpayers (and redirect $ home to our needs)—and he refuses to lift a finger to join Sen. Bernie Sanders in seriously challenging the $16 TRILLION the Federal Reserve recently lent out to practically every major financial institution and corporation around.